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Rob offers five training modules, appropriate for all levels of your organization:

Motivation: Motivate Me Each of us has the ability to have an effect on another person's behavior. While no individual has the capacity to make another behave in a particular way, we can influence an individual if we understand what motivates that person. The more we know about the one we want to influence and what is important to him or her, the greater the possibility to affect that person's behavior. This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors.

Creativity: Why Didn't I Think of That? A significant challenge for all professionals is to test their own creativity in order to provide the best programs, services and learning experiences with limited resources. An environment that encourages ingenuity can keep an organization on the cutting edge. This workshop will provide the tools and incentive to expand your creative skills.

Diversity: The People Game Today's global economy compels organizations to establish relationships with people from diverse backgrounds—people from within an organization, clients, and vendors who provide complementary products and services. The more we attempt to promote diversity, however, the more we find ourselves perceiving people based on the labels and, subsequently, the stereotypes we attach to them, rather than who they are as individuals. This workshop invites participants to expand their perceptions of people, enabling them to be more productive and interpersonally effective.

Persuasion: The Power of Influence We constantly find ourselves in situations in which we wish we had the ability to be influential. Whether asking for a raise, attempting to convince those with whom we work to approach a problem a certain way, making a major purchase or trying to get the kids to behave, the more knowledge we possess on this topic, the greater our chances for success.

Training: Working as a Team Team development is creating the opportunity for people to come together to share their concerns, their ideas and their experiences, and to work together to solve mutual problems and achieve common goals. The objectives of this workshop are to instill an acceptance of a team approach within the work environment and take action on the problems identified.

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