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Think Outside Your Box Welcome and thank you for visiting my web site!

As I'm sure you are aware, the methodologies and alleged "best practices" in the world of diversity education have undergone many changes over the past 20 years. What was trendy and "in" is now considered stale and "out." However, one key concept has remained constant—the ever-growing need for an organization's employees to be able to identify and co-exist with the diverse make-up of our country's ever-changing labor force and markets.

I've been working with all types of organizations—corporate, civic and non-profit—for over 27 years to change the limiting perceptions many have towards people who are viewed as "different." My main program, "The Magic of Attitudes & Perceptions," is a time-tested presentation that challenges my audiences to rid themselves of the attitudes and assumptions that hold back their personal and their organization's true potential. Oh, and I throw in a little magic here and there to demonstrate how we can be fooled by what we see when labeling people.

27+ years and I'm still presenting "The Magic of Attitudes & Perceptions." This through a time where the industry has witnessed countless fads, theories and systems come and go. I must be doing something right.

If your organization is in search of a keynote address or training program that will truly be valued by your employees and organization, I encourage you to give me a call.

Rob Chalmers